Ace Jobcenter SELECTION

Ace Jobcenter ensures the right people at the right work place.
We have 19 years experience in placing temporary workers to our clients. Our account

managers work with you to make an inventory of your requirements. On that basis they make you a suitable offer.

The people who work for us, come from:

Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Turkey and Slovakia.

In these countries we recruit themselves. In Poland we also make use of an intermediary. At the intake, we use strict selection criteria, such as language skills.

Ace Jobcenter LEGALIT

For both agency and client, there are severe penalties on illegal working with people. For you and us is therefore of utmost importance to make sure that temporary workers and reliable legal workers. Our organization is these concerns have taken all necessary measures to prevent you from any unpleasant surprises.

Most of our employees flying in from the country of origin. This is already a first place check on the validity of identity documents. The second check is to our office. With the latest technologies, we propose the identity of our new employees down, Is there is any doubt, we consult the competent authorities.

Ace Jobcenter is as large staffing under constant control of all institutions. Again and again we stand by those checks with flying colors. Work with us simply not illegal employees. Guaranteed.