Ace Jobcenter Security

If you regularly loan personnel from  agency, you want a reliable partner. At Ace Jobcenter you can fully trust our employees all reside legally in the Netherlands and the social charges and taxes are paid. We continue monitoring  according to the recently declared generally

binding collective agreement for temporary workers.


Ace Jobcenter is VRO, NEN4400-1 and HAL certified, see below for more info. If  you hire  you know  why  you do business with a broadcasting company that, according to frequent checks on its payment obligations. Surcharges under the WKA (Chain Liability Act) are therefore excluded.

VRO Foundation

VRO stands for Enterprise Registration Verification. VRO make sure to include that temporary workers only in compliance with statutory obligations and requirements to get started. VRO controls include NEN4400-1 and HAL-companies that wish to qualify for certification and verify certified companies in the registers can be included.

Labour Standards Foundation (SNA)

The SNA was recently created with the following objectives:

  • Restrict liability of purchasers and hirer of work for failure to pay taxes and social security
  • To avoid heavy fines for purchasers and hirer of work for working with people who are not authorized to work in Netherlands, whose identity has not been identified or which have assumed a false identity
  • Manage public registry, Registry Labour Standards, certification and notified by certified companies and conclude agreements with certification bodies
  • Uniform inspections and inspections carried out by certification bodies Promote certification of companies, labour and disposal of (sub) contractors, so they are positively distinguished from non-certified companies
  • Promoting use of the hirer under the Labour Standards Registry and work outsourcers She uses this one standard and that standard has been set in the NEN4400-1.


Ace Jobcenter is a HAL-certified company. LTO Netherlands shall be issued to companies that their records according to legal requirements to establish and maintain the skilled migrant. The certification minimizes the risks of the Law of ultimate responsibility for gardeners minimize identification by bona fide contractors.
The overall objective of the Hall-certification is combating illegal employment. Illegal

working creates a bad image of the agricultural sector and has far reaching consequences: illegal workers are often poorly paid and have to operate under poor working conditions. Illegal labour also creates unfair competition for HAL companies.
In short, illegal labour does not  care about social responsibility.