about Ace Jobcenter

We are here specifically for employees and employers.

About us

Ace Jobcenter is a 23-year-old staffing agency based in The Hague, with a mission to foster growth for individuals and businesses alike. We have built an exceptional reputation by connecting job seekers with meaningful work opportunities and providing top-quality staff for some of the most successful companies. We supply personnel to the following sectors:

  • Floriculture

    We are your reliable partner in the floriculture sector. Our staffing agency is ready to provide highly skilled personnel that will elevate your flower and plant nursery to new heights. Whether you need temporary staff for peak seasons or experienced professionals for the long term, we understand the unique demands of the floriculture industry.

  • Logistics

    Highly skilled employees to optimize your logistics operations. From experienced warehouse workers to expert planners and reliable drivers, we understand the complexity of the logistics world. With our extensive network, we offer flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs.

  • Cleaning

    At Ace Jobcenter, we are committed to providing qualified personnel within the cleaning sector. Our carefully selected professionals not only possess the necessary cleaning skills but also understand the importance of a hygienic environment. We offer tailored solutions for various sectors, including offices, medical facilities, and hospitality establishments.

  • AGF

    Ace Jobcenter is your partner for high-quality packaging solutions within the AGF sector. Our skilled personnel not only excel in efficient packing but also understand the significance of ensuring product quality and freshness

  • Construction

    Ace Jobcenter is the partner for high-quality construction personnel with the right expertise. We offer more than just employees; we integrate the necessary expertise in the construction sector.