If you regularly hire temporary employees, you want a reliable partner. With Acejobcenter can have complete confidence that our employees stay legally in the Netherlands and the social charges and taxes are paid. We continue monitoring compliance with the recently declared generally binding collective agreement for temporary workers.

Acejobcenter certified by VRO certified and include NEN4400-1 and HAL, see below for more info. As a borrower you know why you are doing business with a broadcasting company that, according to frequent checks on its payment obligations. Surcharges under the WKA (Chain Liability Act) are therefore excluded.

VRO Foundation

VRO stands for Enterprise Registration Verification. VRO among others note that temporary workers only in compliance with the legal obligations and requirements to get started. VRO controls include NEN4400-1 and HAL-companies that wish to be eligible for certification and verify certified companies can be included in the registers. Acejobcenter was the fourth employment agency that VRO screened and could include in this register.

Labour Standards Foundation (SNA)

The SNA was recently created with the following objectives:

  • Limiting liability of hirers and outsourcers of work for failure to pay taxes and social security contributions.
  • Prevent high fines for those hiring and outsourcers work for working with people who are not authorized to work in the Netherlands, whose identity has not been established or have adopted a false identity.
  • Management public register Labour Standards Register, certified and certification enterprises notified and enter into agreements with certification bodies.
  • Uniform inspections and carry out inspections by certification bodies.
  • Promoting certification of enterprises, who provide labor and (sub) contractors, so that they stand out in a positive sense of non-certified companies
  • Promote use of the Labour Standards Register under hirers and outsourcers of work, they do so uses a standard and that standard is defined in the NEN4400-1.

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